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Hot-selling Replacement Hepa Filter - PLPM-1210 Fully Automatic Printing Machine – Leiman Detail:

Main Characteristics
The highest dot matrix of B series small character jet printer can achieve 32 dot matrix printing, all Chinese operation interface, circuit system, ink system, nozzle and nozzle through innovative design, so that the jet printer achieves higher stability.

Product parameters
1. 1-6 lines of printing, point-by-point offset function, to achieve arbitrary compilation, better meet customer editing needs.
2. The maximum printing speed of 5×5 dot matrix is 345 meters per minute.
3. Built-in more than 6,000 Chinese characters, Pinyin input directly.
4. Nested function of automatic counting and counting.
5. Date and time auto-update spray printing; Continuous and repetitive spray printing function.
6. The dot matrix fonts such as 5*5,5*7,7*9,12*16,18*24,12*12,16*16 are sprayed.
7. Super-long printing information editing function to meet customer production needs.
8. The integrated storage of spray printing parameters and information content facilitates multi-product users to call and use at any time, reduces the time wasted by editing and adjusting, and improves work efficiency.
9. Patterns can be edited directly by computer. Information, patterns and fonts can be imported or exported using USB.
10. Massive storage, printing super-long information, huge amount of information storage, unlimited expansion of storage using USB.
11.  Super flexible customized font library functions can tailor-made special printing fonts and printing modes for customers with special requirements to improve anti-counterfeiting functions.
12. It has the functions of two-dimensional code printing, computer on-line printing and U-disk random code.
13. The machine panel LED lamp and LCD window text directly display the real-time state of the jet printer, which is convenient for workshop observation and can also add alarm lamp function according to requirements.

Advanced performance, more convenient maintenance and testing
1. Nozzle: The automatic cleaning function of the nozzle ensures that the machine can run steadily for a long time. It can completely dissect the nozzle design and thoroughly solve the problem of nozzle blockage that always exists in the industry.
2. Sprinkler: Perfect design of sprinkler greatly improves the performance of switch and the stability of continuous high-speed printing.
3. entirety: Circuit system and ink system are separated independently to avoid accidental damage to the machine in maintenance and use.
4. Ink Road: A simple and intelligent drawer ink system ensures the stability of ink road operation and greatly improves the convenience of ink road maintenance.
5. Circuit: Single integrated motherboard to reduce circuit failure caused by aging of connectors.
6. System: Self-made operating system greatly improves the boot speed and reduces the instability caused by other operating systems themselves.
7. Displayer: High-resolution display and self-designed graphical operation interface make it easy for users to quickly reach the required functions and greatly improve the operation time.
8. Spray-print mode: the embedding technology of modular spray-print algorithm, changing the speed of spray-print, changing the number of lines of spray-print, automatically switching the spray-print algorithm, so that the spray-print effect of the printer can reach the best state.
9. Multiplier: The number of output pulses of the shaft encoder is arbitrarily multiplied and frequency-divided to obtain the best printing effect, which solves the distress of whether the matching synchronizer and the wheel are matched.
10. Automatic tracking: Start-up automatically to find the best splitting point, and adjust it in real time during operation, which can better adapt to environmental changes, ensure the stability of continuous printing for a long time, and achieve the best spray printing effect.
11. Manual operation test: It is easier to judge the failure of the machine and eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs by directly operating the closure of the single valve and pump of the ink system through the menu.
12. Adding system: Ink adding system, add-and-use immediately, no need to replace the ink tank, save material.

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