Porvair offers high flow industrial HEPA filters

In response to the challenging demands of the US Department of Energy, Porvair Filtration Group has engineered a range of high flow, high strength, radial flow HEPA filters, capable of handling large volumes of gases at high differential pressures in high humidity environments.

Within large volume settings, HEPA air filtration systems circulate air in a laminar flow environment, removing any airborne contamination before it is re-circulated back into the environment.

Porvair’s patented high-strength HEPA filters can be retrofitted into existing installations in many commercial and residential settings.  Typical applications include hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, hospitality environments, education and work settings.

The filters can also be used in industrial HVAC for the purification of the immediate environment in which critical processes are being carried out such as microelectronics fabrication and biopharmaceuticals production.

This patented filter can withstand differential pressures much greater than typical glass fibre HEPA filter elements.  It can also withstand high pressure loss (due to high dirt load) in both wet and dry environments and Porvair’s patented corrugated separators ensure low differential pressures at high flowrates.

Post time: Jun-18-2021